We take the admissions into Village Peace School very seriously.
Our goal is to give each applicant family a chance to learn as much as they wish and to have all of their questions answered.  We like to get to know each child interested in applying, and how we can meet their needs. We have a responsibility to each child as well as all the children in attendance. We look for parents’ willingness to communicate and collaborate as needed to best serve their child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a tour?

Tours are given by scheduled appointment only on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 11:30 am, usually lasting up to 30 minutes. Parent’s are encouraged to come together.

To schedule a tour call 323-933-9956, or email villagepeaceschool@gmail.com

After a tour, what is the next step to apply?

When a family is interested in applying to Village Peace School an interview will be set up with the Director and the parents. This is where we can start the process of communication and collaboration that is necessary for each child. This is a time of great opportunity for seeking understanding and gaining insight in regards to a new journey for a young child. It is our goal for each parent to feel comfortable and secure in their decision process. The interview process is for both Director and parents to ask questions, discuss a child’s individual needs, and further explore how Village Peace School can support a child’s growth.

Do I need to submit an application?

Once it’s been decided that Village Peace School is the right choice for their child, parents are encouraged to fill out the application and submit it.

What happens if my application is accepted?

Each family will receive an enrollment packet once the application has been processed and approved. The packet includes several Forms, a Calendar, and a Parent Handbook.

Have Another Question?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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